The Names
The Names

The Fruit of the Original Sin | The Names

June 2007 deluxe double CD remaster of the famous double album compilation released by Les Disques du Crépuscule in November 1981 (TWI 035), featuring one of Benoît Hennebert's finest cover designs and a facsimile of the original insert/booklet.

International in scope, the music covers post-punk, avant-garde, modern composition and solo piano, as well as guests from the Factory and Postcard label rosters. The spoken word componant includes Marguerite Duras, William S. Burroughs and Winston Tong. 31 tracks (including 8 bonus cuts), 120 minutes of music, readings and conversation.



peter gordon the fruit of the original sin
the french impressionists boo boo's gone mambo / my guardian angel
the durutti column the eye and the hand
wim mertens multiple 12
cécile bruynoghe clair de lune
marine a man and a woman
paul haig mad horses
marine animal in my head
323 affectionate silence
swamp children flesh
dna taking kid to school / cop buys a donut / delivering the goods
lawrence weiner & peter gordon deutsche angst
the durutti column weakness & fever
rhythm of life summertime
the lost jockey matters of theory


rhine river III an end remains
richard jobson the happiness of lonely
marguerite duras interview
richard jobson india song
the names music for someone
orange juice three cheers for our side
thick pigeon sudan
the durutti column party
arthur russell sketch for 'face of helen'
the durutti column experiment in fifth
winston tong the next best thing to death
william s. burroughs twilight's last gleaming
cécile bruynoghe gymnopedie no. 1
rhine river III departures
rhythm of life soon
lawrence weiner where it came from

Available via LTM Mailorder.

The Names
The Names