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The Names

Swimming [Les Disques du Crépuscule TWI065] | The Names

Original vinyl LP version of the classic album released on Les Disques du Crépuscule (TWI 065) in 1982 in Belgium.


Floating World
The Fire
Life By The Sea
White Shadow
(This Is) Harmony
Shanghai Gesture
Leave Her To Heaven


A magical recording session at Strawberry Studio in Stockport, where we had already recorded « Nightshift ». Fantastic place, great tool for Martin Hannett's genius. « Let's build our wall of sound », he said. And so did we ! Chris Nagle was there again to assist as sound engineer, and to provide some jokes while we experimented with sound. So many memories come to mind ! Like when Marc was playing the guitar on « Light » in a booth, with several amplifiers put in line and producing the most incredible (and seminal) sound… plus Martin kneeling in front him and shaking the guitar like a mad man to get even more feedback! Or when we asked Martin to produce the watery sound that was to link the songs on the album, and he did by recording the noise of... toilet paper being played with in a sink in the studio's bathroom ! « Swimming » may be a very serious album, everybody had fun making it. And Rob Gretton's friendly visits added to the mood. The beautiful cover art is a painting by the very talented Benoît Hennebert.

The Names
The Names