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The Names

Nightshift Live at Plan K [LTMDVD] | The Names

The core of this 2 hour DVD is The Names' homecoming concert at Plan K on 15 December 2007. Shot in HD with five cameras and a digital stereo soundtrack, the Plan K show features 11 songs including classic singles, new tracks and an encore cover of Magazine song The Light Pours Out of Me. The DVD also features several vintage promo clips from 1980-82, including shorts for Nightshift, Light and The Astronaut.

An intimate extra bonus feature is provided by Celebration, 9 songs recorded live at a 2005 birthday party for singer/writer Michel Sordinia, where the band run through versions of a number of Names originals along with other songs. Region 0, NTSC format.


1. Light
2. I Am the Rain
3. Calcutta
4. Zeroes
5. The Astronaut
6. I Liked You Better When You Were Dead
7. Nightshift
8. I Wish I Could Speak Your Language
9. Discovery
10. Friendly Fire
11. The Light Pours Out Of Me
12. Nightshift #1 (clip)
13. Light (clip)
14. The Astronaut (clip)
15. Nightshift #2 (clip)
16. My Funny Valentine
17. Nightshift
18. The Astronaut
19. Calcutta
20. The Call of Trains
21. Swimming
22. New Dawn Fades
23. Luka
24. Cortez The Killer

Four songs by The Names from the Plan K section of LTMDVD 2522 are also featured on the compilation DVD A Factory Night (Once Again) [LTMDVD 2519].


It was a night to remember. Plan K, the historic Brussels venue where Factory bands (including ourselves) all played a long time ago, was packed to the fullest with people from all over Europe. Knowing that we were playing together again, Frédéric Cotton invited us to play at this « Factory Night » where Section 25, Crispy Ambulance and Kevin Hewick were also to appear. This was our first live concert in ages, and it went great. Sounds and emotions shared on stage and in the (wonderful) audience. This video captures the gig and offers many bonuses, including videos from the early 1980's and a home movie featuring a very private concert...

Available via LTM Mailorder.

The Names
The Names